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Business Formation & Corporate Compliance
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Business Formation
& Corporate Compliance

Welcome to our Business Start-Up Page

Here we will discuss our 2 Step process for properly forming your California business and then applying for the business license you want to receive.

Success Requires Being Prepared for Opportunity - Start Now!

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

This quote, attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca, reminds us that we make our own luck.

The difference between lucky and unlucky people, as we've seen before, is all in our perspective.

Luck isn't just about being at the right place at the right time. It's also about being ready for new opportunities.

It is important to your success in obtaining a license that our firm has already formed your corporation (Step 1) and you have completed as many of the Department of Control's online application requirements (Step 2) before the City or County opens its application window.

The City and County application windows are short for the amount of information they require.

The beauty of our firm's 2 Step process is that once Step 1 is completed (10 business days) and Step 2 State on-line application Owner and Business Structure pages are completed.

More importantly, the process negates the need to pay rent until a suitable premises is located in the City or County permitting the license type you wish to apply for.

That means, no matter how many Cities or Counties you may apply for to be granted a local license or permit to operate your business, the Formation documents and State application requirements are the same.  The only item to be completed is the City of County application requirements, which tend to follow the State'

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Step 1  Forming a Corporation or LLC

This is the foundation of your business.  Why, because your entire business model will rest upon your choice of business structure.

A basic business course teaches the main reason for forming a corporation or LLC is to limit the liability of the owners.

In a sole proprietorship or partnership, the owners are personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the business, and in many instances, creditors can go after their personal assets to collect business debts.

If a corporation or LLC is formed and operated properly, the owners can be protected from all such liability.

Once your corporation or LLC is formed, owners of the business will be named and issued stock or membership certificates to verify their ownership interests.

Step 2  Apply for State and Local Jurisdiction (County or City) Licenses

Now that you have successfully formed your business, you are now ready to start the application process for your State and Local Jurisdiction (County or City) Licenses.

One of the first and most important questions asked for in the application is: WHO ARE THE OWNERS?  WHAT IS YOUR EIN?  PROVIDE A COPY OF THE BUSINESS FORMATION DOCUMENTS - BYLAWS - MINUTES - OWNERSHIP INTEREST. Which have all been prepared in Step 1.

Our office has been proudly serving all Cities and Counties in California in the formation of businesses.

With more than 20 years business experience, our firms 2 Step process will put you ahead of the others.

Proper formation and operational procedures are the keys to successfully apply for and obtaining a permit/license to operate.

Secretary of State Corporate and LLC Compliance Services

In addition to starting a business, our firm provides Secretary of State corporate and LLC compliance services to businesses who have already filed their articles of incorporation with the California Secretary of State's Office.

Proper compliance is critical for maintaining active status with the Secretary of State.

If your business is in suspended status, it can no longer defend against court actions and even have its name taken.

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